Compost Facility

The compost facility is located at 161 Locust Street in Talmage (in front of the wastewater treatment plant). The facility is open 24/7 year-round. A key card is required to gain entry into the facility. Township residents (and non-residents) can drop off yard and woody waste (no large tree stumps please) at the facility and also take some mulch if it is available. The mulch must be loaded by hand. No large machinery is allowed at the compost facility.

Township Residents

Entry into the compost facility will cost $2 per trip for Township residents (Commercial customers will be charged $50 per trip). If you have trips left on your card you can continue to use those trips. Once your card reaches a zero balance the above-mentioned fees will apply. If a card is lost or damaged, a new card will be issued for a $5 fee. If a card is not working properly, a replacement card will be issued free-of-charge. Please stop into the Township Office to purchase trips to the compost site.

Non-Township Residents

If you live outside West Earl Township you can purchase a key card (photo ID is required) to gain entry into the compost facility. The fees for Non-Township residents are as follows:

  • Upper Leacock Township residents - $10 per trip
  • All other non-township residents - $20 per trip
  • Commercial customers - $50 per trip
  • Replacement cards - $5