Water Tank Maintenance update

July 1, 2022
water tank
Akron Water Tank

Review of work progress.
Scaffolding complete
Roof handrail installed
Metal overflow screen work is complete
50% of the interior wet is blasted and primed

Planned Work – next 2 weeks.
Finish Interior Wet blasting and prime cost
Rig tarps
Blast and prime exterior
Review of overall schedule
Anticipate completion by Mid-July
Off on Monday, July 4th.
Riser Pipe Condition
The lower section had been opened for observation.  The pipe and coating was in good condition.
The upper section will be opened for observation next week.
Review from the Minoan and MBA is that the riser pipe and coating are in good condition.
Field observations, problems, and decisions - None
Identification of problems which impede planned progress - None
Safety Issues - None
Customer Property Issues
One of the neighbors brought the crew cupcakes
Other Matters
Mixer to be installed and wired by factory rep